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How To Avoid PaidToSurf Scams

There are a lot of money-generating schemes that thrives in the Internet today. There are a number of ways in which one can generate income through the web. However, with so many schemes to choose from, people are perennially confused as to which schemes are legitimate and which are bogus. Paid-to-surf programs are one of the hottest schemes that are sought by so many people nowadays. However, paid-to-surf programs are also very controversial, there are many issues with regards to the legality of paid-to-surf programs in general and how they operate.

True enough, there are paid-to-surf programs out there that really pay their members and are not scams, yet. What are paid-to-surf programs? Paid-to-surf programs are businesses which employs the idea of advertising in television. They get funding from advertisers and develop a pool of members who would want to be paid by viewing the ads of the advertisers. An advertiser pays the paid-to-surf program and the paid-to-surf program invites people to view a pool of ads which are rotated every 20 seconds or so, and the viewers are paid a certain percentage everyday they surf the advertisements.

The number of advertisements usually very for each program and the rotation time varies as well. The sweet business model of the paid-to-surf programs entices many people to join their pools. All one has to do is to click on the "view" button in their account pages in the website of the paid-to-surf program and the money flows into their accounts.

The problem with the business models of paid-to-surf programs is basically very simple yet very important. Unlike television advertisements, where people actually watch advertisements which they find visually appealing, there is no incentive for staying in from of the computer to view all (say 100) web pages per day just to get paid, when he can just leave the computer on until the rotation runs out. This is a basic flaw in the business model of paid-to-surf programs. Okay, so what's the problem with paid-to-surf programs? What makes some of these programs scams? The problem is that some programs would let members join for free, at first and then, they would require the members to put in money to be able to withdraw their earnings from the past. People are enticed to put in money because they are constantly brainwashed that the money that they put in will be doubled or tripled. Then, all of a sudden, the program disappears like a burst bubble.

Although there are legitimate paid-to-surf programs out there, the number of scams is far more enormous. Here are some few tips on how to avoid these so-called paid-to-surf scams: 1. Join only those programs that are around for a while The best choice that one has in terms of choosing an paid-to-surf program is to choose the one that has been established and still is in existence. 2.

Trust true testimonials Trust those testimonials which are from trusted friends. The testimonials in the sites of these "paid-to-surf" programs are usually tools for brainwashing people. 3. Check the company's eligibility One should check with the secretary of the state where the program was incorporated before putting any money into it. These are only some few tips on how to avoid paid-to-surf scams.

Take these precautionary steps and you could be on your way to promote your websites and make money online with paid-to-surf programs.

Copyright by William Tan William is a webmaster and internet (wealth) consultant. Visit his website http://autosurf.myhyiplist.com for the latest paid-to-surf news, tips, recommendations and resources to make money online with paid-to-surf programs.

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