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No fax No problem Loans

In everybody's life, a crisis or two is inevitable. It is also inevitable that these crises will hit when you least expect it, when you are the least prepared, and when your limited resources can't do a thing about it. A car stalled out on the freeway at rush hour in the middle of a rainstorm is a perfect example. In this day and age of computers and the Internet, a new ally has been developed that can be of some help in the crisis area. That ally is the payday loan.

The Faxless payday loan, to be precise, and there is virtually no faster way to connect with a lender who can get you the cash you need to take care of business. While browsing around the myriad Faxless payday loan sites, the words "Instant Approval" and "Speed is a Priority" may catch your eye. Speed isn't the only thing that is important, of course; a secure site that guards your privacy is a must as well. Faxless payday loans are also a must for not only personal privacy but also speed. Many Faxless payday loan sites, such as Faxless-payday-loans.

com, can get you your cash advance overnight, provided they receive your application in time to process it, usually around three pm their local time. What is required in the application? Surprisingly little. Your name and email address, of course. The other questions will include if you are employed and how much you earn; whether you are employed or get money from another source (such as disability or an annuity), and if you can receive direct deposit to your bank account. A credit report isn't needed, as it doesn't play a factor in whether you apply for the payday loan. Your salary and if you have had any Faxless payday loans before are a bigger factor.

The amount of the loan may vary a little from company to company, but the usual loan is somewhere between three hundred and five hundred dollars. Some payday loan companies may lend as much as one thousand dollars. It will take very little time to see if you do qualify and how much they are willing to lend. Within the hour, most payday loan companies will have a representative fax you or call you to advise you of their decision. You can expect to see the money deposited in your bank (if the loan was approved in time) the next morning. If you contacted them on a weekend day, the money will be deposited on Monday or Tuesday.

Paying back the loan should be done at the end of the lending period, generally, your next payday. You will pay back the amount borrowed plus the fee. The fee is usually around thirty dollars for every hundred dollars borrowed. If you find that you can't pay back the whole amount, an extension can be arranged. The extension is usually the amount of the fee.

Paying the fee will extend your loan to generally, your next payday. It is wise to pay it off as soon as you can, as you can see how expensive it would be to keep paying the fee and then, when you pay off the loan, having to pay the fee again. So now you have another weapon in your arsenal as far as the unexpected crises of life. Use it wisely.

Thomas is the marketing director of faxless-payday-loans.com. he writes articles for consumers about speeding up the payday loan process. For more information on faxless payday loans please visit the company website www.faxless-payday-loans.com

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