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Are you new to the concept of Affiliate Marketing? This site aims to help you get a better understanding of how affiliate marketing programs can help you generate additional income!

SuperDuper Totally Easy Tips for Driving Targeted Traffic To Your Website with Article Marketing

This article will give you 7 key tips for crafting an attention-grabbing article that will be welcomed by quality publishers, bring value to your readers, drive targeted traffic to your website *and* build up those precious one-way links in the process! Let's get started. 1) Remember who you're writing for and why. The object with article marketing is to write articles that bring value to your readers, that show you to be an expert on your topic, and that inspire your readers to click through to your website. Also keep in mind that your articles need to please the online publishers--after all, if your article doesn't get picked up for publication, then nobody gets to read your article! 2) Don't write about your website or business. This is the part that so many article marketers struggle with! Remember, our articles are geared to meet the needs of our target readers and the online publishers.

The minute your article stops sounding educational and starts sounding like an advertisement for your website, your readers will put their guard up and lose interest in your article, which is not what we're going for! You need to take a more subtle approach. When you're writing your articles, you are a teacher, an educator, an expert--not a salesperson! The appropriate place to talk about your business, website or products is your author resource box. 3) Write about your area of expertise.

Your customers can be a constant source of article topic ideas. What are the top 10 questions that customers most frequently ask you? Write those questions down and create an article that answers each question. Remember, you have to be creative and subtle, because you must answer the question without mentioning your own website. Your role as the author of the article is to be a source of information, not a sales person. 4) Write 'list' articles, such as 'How To's', '7 Top Tips for.

', and 'Top 10 Reasons why.". We all love a list, don't we? Instructional 'How To' articles and informational 'Top 10' (or 7 or 5 or whatever) articles have a knack for catching readers eyes. No matter what the topic of your article, you can find a way to create a 'How To' or 'Top 7' list.

This is an article writing strategy that works, so do it! 5) Always write about the topic of your website. It sounds obvious, but I've seen more than a few authors who have a one track mind about article marketing--they just want to rack up the precious one-way backlinks that article marketing generates, and so they think it's fine to write articles on any topic under the sun with a link in their resource box going back to their website on a different topic. Don't do that! Why? We're not seeking any old type of traffic--we want *targeted traffic*. Targeted traffic means that the folks you lure to your website are people who would be very likely to be interested in the topic of your website. While you will RESIST writing about your own website, you will however want to always write about the *topic* of your website.

6) Make a great resource box. Aha! This is the appropriate place to talk about your business. Writing a great resource box is an art in itself, but just to get you started here are a few tips: *Do include a little biographical information. *Do tell the reader why they should go to your website. *Do ask them to click.

*Do customize your resource box to the article. *Do use a single link in your resource box, but don't go overboard. A single link is great. Three or four links is pretty pointless. 7) Don't forget to have a great website.

This is the part that some folks overlook. They know that in order to increase their search engine rankings for their website that they need to generate incoming links and increased exposure for their site, but what then? There's no real benefit to drawing readers to a site that leaves them saying, "Is that all? This isn't of much help to me." So, remember to create valuable content on your website too, so that you have a quality destination to which you're trying to draw your readers. The valuable content on your website is also like bait that entices a reader to click through to your site.

Be sure to have something on your website that will expand upon the information you've just provided in your article. Article marketing isn't brain surgery--anyone can do it! Just follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to a successful article marketing campaign!.

Sharon Sarmiento is an article marketing expert who writes for the popular blog, Creative Article Marketing. Want to submit articles and drive traffic to your website but aren't sure the details of how to do it? Don't sweat it! Just visit => http://www.creativearticlemarketing.com for all the article marketing tips and advice you'll ever need!

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