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Are you new to the concept of Affiliate Marketing? This site aims to help you get a better understanding of how affiliate marketing programs can help you generate additional income!

Youve Got Your Affiliate Marketing

What can you do now? Most people find a product on which they wish to sell, then they develop a website, maybe get some business cards prepared at the local print shop, tell all their friends and everyone they meet, they may even go as far as to put an ad in the newspaper. But after that they're stuck or they quit, most people may not even make it this far some will put the money down and run away from the whole "make money online" idea without giving they're product or somebody else's idea a shot at what could potentially lead them to their own financial success. Its really sad in a way that most people, exactly 99% of people will quit their home business or online affiliate marketing business within 3 months of starting. The main reason for this we've discovered is that they first off aren't guaranteed results, they don't instantly make money like the ads they see online, or they go crazy the first month buying absolutely everything thinking that it will make them a fortune, Not realizing that all these products they're buying in most cases can't even help them. They either can't use them because these skills talked about in the e-books they have bought from the gurus don't apply to them or cant help them and their business.

Because people have over used them or the gurus sell these new people ways to get traffic to their site which as doesn't work because the traffic being obtained is real traffic, but its not targeted thereby meaning that even though your receiving 500 real time visitors a day none of them will ever buy anything. So eventually most people will pick up on this and will try something that any good affiliate marketer has done and that is to put Google Adsense on the front page of their home business page so the visitors will reject your product and hopefully make you some revenue by clicking one of the Google ads. The problem with this however is that the customer wasn't interested in your product, why would he be interested in some other persons that conveniently takes up a good chunk of your site and is being advertised by Google. The reason I say this is that incase you didn't know Google Adsense only advertises websites of the same genre on their Adsense banners. So if the customer didn't want your product he doesn't want your competitor's products right? Which makes life as an Internet marketer very difficult at first because he can't develop any form of income during the first couple months.

He/she then gets frustrated because he's spent over 3000$ on all these random products that have been recommended by all the Internet marketing professionals which leaves a massive hole in his pocket because he can't afford to pay rent or cant afford his groceries so he drops his business all together hoping to never see another computer again for the rest of his life. The point I'm trying to make here is not that internet marketing is evil and can't make you any money, its that the whole process is one big learning curve that needs to be bent and stuff will happen that may not be in your best interests but the knowledge and skills you get from those mistakes will help you on your path to making money at home on the internet.

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